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Electrical Repairs

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No power/ partial power

Loss of power in your house can come from inside or outside. If the problem is a result of a fault with your utility, your neighbors will probably also be experiencing power losses. If not, we can start taking measurements at the breaker box to find what has gone wrong.

Flickering lights

Flickering lights can be the result of loose connections in your wiring, a bad light fixture, overloaded circuits, big appliances turning on, or even the wrong light bulb. We’ll investigate the affected areas to determine the source of the fault.

Storm damage

During storms it is not uncommon to see branches falling off trees onto power lines which can pull the service mast off of your house, an unsafe condition that can cause power loss. The utility company is only responsible for getting power to your house. Everything attached to your residence is your responsibility, and needs to be maintained by you. When you’re in the dark because of a storm, we can help.

Breakers tripping

Breakers can trip for multiple reasons. Often, when they do, a homeowner will think the breaker itself is at fault, but more often it is caused by something else. A breaker is a safety device and usually trips because it is overloaded. It could be that too many appliances are plugged in on that circuit, or that the circuit has bad wiring and/or loose connections. We can track down and pinpoint this fault.

Aluminum wiring

During the 1960s and ‘70s, installers used aluminum rather than copper wire because copper was in short supply. Aluminum, however, is an inferior conductor in many applications and should be inspected because it can get too hot and melt inside your walls. We can replace unsafe aluminum wire and eliminate this danger.

Fuse box replacement

Fuse boxes are an outdated way to manage power loads in your house. Loads are much higher than they used to be and fuse boxes should be updated to breakers.  Easier and safer, breakers are now the only way to handle today’s power-demanding home.

Federal Pacific Panel replacement

Federal Pacific power panels were installed in many homes during the 60s through the 80s, but did not bear a UL listing and are considered unsafe because their breakers do not trip. They are considered a fire hazard and should be replaced.

Electrical Installations

100% satisfaction guarantee
Professional service
Same knight from start to finish

Electrical Panels

We can replace an old fuse box or add breakers into your existing breaker box to safely handle current load demands. We can also advise you regarding the sufficiency of your current panel.

Surge Protectors

Your computer or television are not the only appliances that operate using modern electronics. We can install whole house surge protection into the breaker box to protect all of your appliances.

Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker is the device that is mounted inside a breaker box that monitors the power being used on that circuit. If you are using too much power or an unsafe condition is present somewhere on its circuit, a breaker is designed to trip. If you have a breaker in your house that trips, it should be checked to make sure that you don’t have unsafe wiring or a fire hazard.

Arc Fault breakers

Arc Fault breakers are breakers that have added protection to monitor your wiring more closely to prevent electrical fires. First used in the early 2000's, many call them smart breakers because they have an on board computer chip especially designed for fire warning.


Until the 1990’s, houses were often built with inadequate lighting. Using recessed and other modern lighting techniques, your home can be bright and beautiful. We can help advise, design, and install these systems.

Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a great way to save energy on your heat and air conditioning bill and make a beautiful statement in a room, but are sometimes tricky to install. We can install your ceiling fan as well as the switches to control it.


Ground Fault protection must be installed for outlets that are within 6 feet of any sink in your home, as well as for all exterior/garage outlets. This protects the homeowner from shock and we can determine where they belong and safely install them.

Outlets and Switches

Extension cords make neither safe nor attractive power carriers. Many older homes do not have enough outlets for our modern electrical needs and many are not in convenient spots. We can update your outlets and switches to make them an integral, usable component of your home.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors need to be installed in every bedroom and on every floor and replaced every ten years. Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed within 10 feet of every bedroom in your home. We can do that and test them to make sure they are all working properly to keep you safe.


Your electrical system needs to be safely grounded to protect everyone in the home from electrocution and to optimize its operation. This needs to be done at the breaker boxes and with ground rods to your home’s exterior. Only a qualified, experienced electrician can do this properly.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs do not require plumbing only. They also need to be wired and we can do that effectively and efficiently.

Car/ EV Chargers

For those who drive one of today’s electric or hybrid vehicles, we can install a charger in your garage and make sure it works safely and properly with your entire system.

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