About Us

The electrical systems in your home can get complicated. Individual power demands grow every year and with them, the knowledge required to keep your system running right. It’s important to choose the right electrician. Important for your peace of mind. Important for your safety.

So when you hire an electrician, what should you look for?

You want your electrician not only to diagnose and repair your problem, you want him to pay attention to you. You want him to consider not only your immediate need, but your long term benefit. You want him to take time to listen, not to rush through your repair so he can get to the next job. You want him to care.

That’s why Dan Heidelberger started Knight Light Electric. Sure, he’s a Master Electrician. Sure, he has more than 18 years of experience. But he brings you something more. He doesn’t just pay attention to your fixtures and wiring. He pays attention to you. He understands that the electrical systems in your home exist solely to serve your needs, so he does his best to not only make them work, but to make them do the job you need them to do.

Knight Light Electric. Defending your castle from darkness. Defending you.

Our Story

Dan Heidelberger, founder and owner of Knight Light Electric, is a lifelong Minnesota native. His career as an electrician began in 2002 and he became a journeyman electrician in 2007 and Master Electrician in 2020. That’s when he founded Knight Light.

It took years of servicing residential electrical customers in traditional settings for him to understand what he thought was missing. Rather than concentrating on production in dollars and increasing numbers of clients, Dan wanted to value and reward the ones he had. A family man with a wife and two children, he’d come to appreciate the personal role his clients played. He understood that they were the ones helping to feed his family and that mattered to him.

Now, Dan isn’t just one of a team who might or might not be called out on a job. He’s the one who answers the phone. He’s the one who goes out on a call and does the work. He’s the one who makes sure the client is satisfied. At Knight Light Electric, the buck stops with Dan. And he likes it that way.